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Kathe Kaul is a well respected Certified Appraiser, Auctioneer and Professional Liquidator. Since 1988, Kathe has been specializing in residential estate liquidations. Her notable skill and knowledge in marketing, displaying, managing and hosting estate sales has earned her a reputation as one of Kansas City's premiere liquidators. Her work has been featured in many Residential Showcases and industry publications. 

Born and raised in Kansas City's historic Plaza district, Kathe has always had an affinity for elements of historic Kansas City and its immense culture from structural design and aesthetics to the businesses and people that make it so special.

Kathe began her career by conducting the estate sales of close family and friends. Kathe's first hand knowledge of the emotions that are involved gives her a unique perspective.  Combined with her detailed, efficient organizational talents and unrivaled knowledge, Kathe quickly rose to prominence as a much sought after estate liquidator and appraiser.

Kathe's passion for industry leading service and results is reflected in the beautiful, fun, tasteful and successful events that she creates. An ability to collaborate with buyers, contractors and her clients has earned Kathe a well deserved reputation as a true professional and industry leader.

Some of Kathe's professional affiliations include:

  • Certified Appraisers Guild of America: Certified Appraiser 
  • Missouri School of Auctioneering: Auctioneer 
  • Kansas City Historian